Breakdown per shot/project:

showreel2014 (

John Coffey – Vanity artwork

showreel2014 (

Pitch for Le Guess Who with Jet van Zwieten

showreel2014 ( je Koning animations, in collaboration with the HKU for the ‘Nederlands Openluchtmuseum’.
Lovely illustrations by Maartje Kuiper. The font is made by me.

Nederlands Openluchtmuseum

showreel2014 ( animation for Teijin Aramid

showreel2014 ( work, 2014

showreel2014 ( animation

showreel2014 ( work – 2013

showreel2014 ( animation

showreel2014 ( trailer

showreel2014 (, commissioned by PlusOne Amsterdam

showreel2014 ( card Blauw4 (now Colored Goods)

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showreel2014 ( Academy animation

showreel2014 ( South leader package for Deepeei

showreel2014 ( work 2013

showreel2014 ( work 2013

showreel2014 ( Chase

showreel2014 (“Schotel van de dag – Seventy Songs” video

showreel2014 ( Backpack project was commissioned by Manuela Maiguashca and is a game/story of a little duck leaving his family at a young age. Children that have experienced this trauma relate to the duckling and have a means of telling practitioners their stories.

Music by Misteur Valaire - Dont Get Là